Wednesday, December 1, 2010

My Main Man

Socrates, you were so right.
I choose pleasure over virtue because I'm ignorant. If I had known the Truth that writing my philosophy paper would make me virtuous and happy, I would have done it ages ago!
Thank you for trying to enlighten me with your wisdom and insight. I now know that I know nothing now and that's all thanks to you. You rule man.

And Aristotle, just because I watched Dexter all week instead of writing my paper does not make me a brute, you big dummy. Leave me alone and stop trying to make me feel so guilty.

Baaaaaaaaaarf. Someone finish my paper pleeeease!


  1. Ugh. Excessive use of vowels. I'm so sorry everyone. I just can't wait until finals are over.

  2. agreed. I will continue to feel like a failure until they are over. I miss you everyday.