Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Found Dog

I came home from Thanksgiving break to find this little guy bounding across my living room towards me. He's such a sweetie pie and I love him so much, but there's one major problem:
My roommates stole him off the street.

Apparently they were driving down Main Street and saw him on the side of the road. He has a collar, but no dog tag and my constant reminders that this dog belongs to someone else falls on deaf ears. No found dog signs have been put up and since I don't have a car and it's too cold to walk around town hanging up posters, this blog post is the best I can do.

If you're reading this and this is your missing puppy, you'd better come rescue him post haste!
My evil roommates are devising a plan to take your dog to the pound and then turn around and adopt him so he legally will belong to them!

Also I look like a degenerate version of Coco Rocha in this picture.

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  1. you love creepy pictures of you sneaking in the from the corner.