Wednesday, September 28, 2011


I am studying to be a graphic designer and for some reason I had to take a lithography class. Oh? You don't know what lithography is?

I don't either.

Neither does my professor.

He started out the semester by saying: "Lithography is hard to explain; it's like alchemy. It's like magic."

Basically the general idea is to grab a big-ass Bavarian limestone and doodle all over it with a greasy crayon. You get to use all sorts of goopey liquids and scary acids that can burn your hand off on in the process and it's pretty exciting and scientific.

We are working on a technique called "tusching", which means I get to mix more potion-y stuff to make my picture look neat-o.

This is what tusching looks like. It's got a watercolor-y effect. Very pretty.

I wanted all my projects in the class to follow a theme and I've chosen to illustrate the short stories from The Illustrated Man by Ray Bradbury.

This time I'm illustrating the story No Particular Night or Morning. It's about this rocket man who looses his mind while traveling through space and stops believing anything is real. In the end he jumps out of his rocket and floats through space forever! Que divertido! Just kidding.

Here's my little rocket man floating in nothing. The tusching will make up the space around him. I'll post the finished project later.

Ooooh! It feels good to come out of the art student closet.


I will post more on this blog soon I think.

I think I will come out of the art student closet and show some things I have been working on.

Please stand by.