Tuesday, November 2, 2010

A Fortuitous String of Advents

My life has been so boring so I haven't been blogging. Actually, that hasn't stopped me before, but instead of posting a kitten video, I've decided to post some exciting things that have gotten me out of bed.

First: My hair has been so cooperative lately. This whole bushy, slightly curly, middle part trend is really working in my favor.

Second: I just got my first school pride sweater. It's red and awesome. I think I'm going to wear it everyday just like that Roxy sweater I wore everyday in middle school.

Thirdly: I just had a job interview. I have the most pleasant phone voice and the interviewer let me show off by pretending to call me and having me answer. I was so courteous and charming and my high pony tail was so full and voluptuous. The only reason I won't get the job is because the interviewer was jealous of my hair. Or maybe because there are more qualified canidates out there. Whatever.

Fourth: I got to visit Sufjan last night and he wore his special silver pants for the occasion and he took me here:

And it was totally awesome.

Fifth: Some weirdo old guy said hi to me as I walked past the tennis courts. Turns out it was one of my professors who was really impressed by my in-class presentation. And I was really impressed by his correct pronunciation of my name. I see a beautiful friendship blossoming. I've decided the only people I really want to be friends with in Cedar are all my professors 'cause all the kids here like to wear bright neon colored hats that match their shirts and shoes. Who do they think they are? Justin Beiber? Also I saw a girl today that had lace tights on and a lace shirt like some sort of Lady Gaga outfit gone awry.
I don't understand this matchy matchy thing, but what do I know? I wore the same sweater everyday all throughout middle school.


  1. I will address the following information in the same format as presented.
    2. Awsthome
    3. Yeah!
    4. Wooo hoo.
    5. That's the spirit./boo some people.

  2. Why don't I remember your Roxy Sweater?

  3. Blue.

    And I just saw another girl wearing lace tights and lace shirt.
    What is going on?????