Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Early Bird

I was so sad because I had to wake up early today after doing homework until really late.
My alarm went off and I was so confused until I remembered that I was a human being with an agenda and it was time to get moving. I slowly trudged across the muddy field that sits between my house and school, toting along with me the two stupid class projects that had insisted on denying me sleep. My hands were frozen from carrying the stupid things and when I got inside people started giving me funny looks because of the cargo I carried. This annoyed me greatly as it is never polite to stare. So I lumbered on and because my hands were too frozen and too full of stupid school projects I was unable to flip the rude onlookers the bird, but managed to look extra morose as to avoid anymore unwanted attention.

I finally stumbled to the studio only to find the door closed. And here I must digress and explain to you my unwarranted fear of closed doors. It is unclear when or how this fear came about, but it has often times prevented me from going to class if I have arrived late and find the entrance to the room closed. "It's just a door! What you need is just beyond this three inch barrier. Turn the handle and go in. Even the raptors on Jurassic Park could open doors!" the logical side of me will say. But the morose side that likes to flip people the bird will grumble in my ear: "Everyone's gonna see the door open and stare at you as you walk in."

So this morning with a tremendous amount of effort and an immense surge of courage, I thrust my hand towards the door nob and wrenched the door open. It was just as I feared... I heard voices. I exhaled slowly and braced myself for the large crowd of people that were sure to be turned around in their chairs to gawk at me as I walked into the room.

But lo! There was no gawking to be had this morning! There was only one boy in the room with his headphones in his ears blissfully and unabashedly singing out loud to an empty room. When he saw me moving from the corner of is eye he stopped abruptly, but the damage was done. All my sullenness had been chased away and a half smile slowly crept onto my face.

I quietly placed my projects in a corner of the room and left the boy to resume his song. I smiled when someone made eye contact with me and as I skipped across the green lawn I found a dollar winking up at me.

I think today is going to be a good day.


  1. oooh sarai. good story. i like you. i understand that fear you have of closed doors. it makes complete sense to me. what song was that boy singing? :)

  2. I was just thinking about you yesterday. Mostly because I have slipped and fallen deeply into my old schizo-typal tendencies. Remember when we used to flip the pinky bird?