Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Truebloods in that corner

You know in gym class when they have you all line up and they number you off 1...2...3...4...
and all the 1's go to this corner to be on a team and all the 2's go to that corner to be on a different team and so on and you and your best friend wanted to be on the same team so you calculated which spot you needed to be in to make sure you were each a #4 so you could go to the same corner to be on the same team?

Well, when my sister and I were in heaven and were just little tiny spirit beings boppin' around all over the place they told everybody to line up so they could number us off into little families and when all the little spirit balls started to line up and they started to count off, we scuttled and shuffled and scrambled around in line to make sure we would get the same number so we could be in the same family so we could always have each other to grow with and to play with and to take care of no matter what.


  1. Stop it....I am lifting my glasses off my face and have now begun to shed several tears.

  2. this is the cutest post i ever read. evaaar!

  3. on that last post, it wanted me to type in the word: "burad" heh. heh. b-rad.